Assalamualaikum wbt dear parents,

Today i would like to share an evidence of how we should never give up on the mercy and power of Allah swt. No matter what He gives into our lives, there is always a reason behind it, always a form of goodness that comes from it.

What we have to do is remain redha and continue to be grateful and express syukur for everything that we have. This young boy, Fajar,  in this video was born pre-maturely, and due to the lack of oxygen and few complications at birth, he is now living with certain impairments. However, Subhanallah Allahuakbar, this little miracle is able to memorize 30 juz of the Al-Quran, something even someone as normal as you and me may or may never achieve in a lifetime.

May we all continue to strive raising children who are soleh and solehah for it is a given amanah by Allah swt, dunya wal akhirah.

As a mother of five children, I am very passionate about Islamic early child care and education. Alhamdulillah. Besides being a Founder and Executive Director of Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam (IISSA), my path has also taken me into being the trainer, consultant and academic author of The Little Caliphs Program, an Islamic-English-Creative preschool program which I run alongside my husband Haji Roslan bin Nordin. This creative pre-school curriculum integrates the basic teaching of Islam with other basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, drawing, Math, and English. One of my visions among many is to cultivate the ability to read in all young children around the world at the tender age of 4. Furthermore, I would love for this program to be adopted by kindergartens all over the world so that children will have the correct understanding and positive attitude towards Islam, Insya Allah.

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