Outcome from Fast Reading Technique Seminar

What have our parents come out with after attending our Fast Reading Technique Seminar?

Little Caliphs Condominium Kristal Seksyen 7

As salam, hye Little Caliph Team, big applause to your team for the successful seminar. Its such a very good program for parents like me. What i have notice,the learning system is straight forward and the kids not confuse on that. Besides its help me to teach my son in a easy way. Thank you so much and congratulations team – Mama Fateh Naim KG 5 years

1- TC Fari is a good speaker and an inspirer.
2- She inspiring both of us as parents.
3- Together we raise our kids to be Quran generation.
4- Parents should not force their kids to do activity that they are not interested.
5- Reading technique at home should tally with LC so that kids not confuse.
?? – Mama Dhia Nur Keisha KG1 5 years

Sangat membantu. Teknik yang diajar memudahkan dan menyeronokkan  anak2 untuk belajar. Ibu bapa perlu teknik ini untuk sama2 didik ank2 . Tq so much for all teacher. – Mama Aleesya Fareena KG1 5 years

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Thank you  so much parents for taking part of this program and we highly appreciate your feedback. Keep up the good work!
As a mother of five children, I am very passionate about Islamic early child care and education. Alhamdulillah. Besides being a Founder and Executive Director of Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam (IISSA), my path has also taken me into being the trainer, consultant and academic author of The Little Caliphs Program, an Islamic-English-Creative preschool program which I run alongside my husband Haji Roslan bin Nordin. This creative pre-school curriculum integrates the basic teaching of Islam with other basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, drawing, Math, and English. One of my visions among many is to cultivate the ability to read in all young children around the world at the tender age of 4. Furthermore, I would love for this program to be adopted by kindergartens all over the world so that children will have the correct understanding and positive attitude towards Islam, Insya Allah.

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