Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dear readers,
One of the teaching methods we practice in Little Caliphs is the Fast Reading Technique. However, fast reading technique doesn't mean reading with speed, but the children's ability to read as early as 4 years of age.

Fast Reading Technique Seminar is conducted for parents to train them how to teach and instill the love of reading for their children at home. Hopefully with a deeper understanding on how their children learn and develop in reading, parents will be able to boost their children's potential even further.

Please refer to the Reading Technique schedule below. We shall update the list of date and venue from time to time. Till then, please contact your Little Caliphs principals for more info.

Parents who dedicate a little bit of time in a day to enhance their child’s reading skills will see their child benefiting greatly from it, insyallah.

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