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We know your children, let us teach them

People trust us due to our 18 years of experience in the industry. Even with the current restrictive movement order, our children are still hitting on the majority of our reading and developmental target.

The early childhood education landscape will never be the same and Little Caliphs is prepared to provide a new high quality and sustainable learning norm to you.

Introducing our LC@Home, the one stop e-learning education platform for both the parents and children.

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  2. Get your discounted price
  3. Get invited to the E-Learning platform and schedule the calling with your teachers

Did you know what happened during our 2 months of MCO?


In the past 2 months of MCO, we have uploaded more than 200 videos, and 150 worksheets through our TLCP Exclusive FB Group. Our teachers has made more than 300 daily readings and Little Qari calls throughout Malaysia.
Such hard work from our teachers paid off with 95% of our 6 year olds’ (Pra Tahfiz) finished their English and Malay readings, with 70% of them now reading the Quran.
Almost all our children are now reading “Suku Kata Terbuka“.
And we are not planning to stop here.
Introducing our LC@Home, the one stop E-Learning education platform for both the parents and children.

Why we care for your children and you?


We are not only preparing the educational materials for your children, it’s personalized for you, as the parent too!


Our teachers taught your children in kindergarten, hence it’s easier for your children to connect with our teachers online as well.


We care and love your children, and we want them to progress in their development, hence we have prepared assessments for us to assess their current levels.


We have roleplay, sing-a-long and many more activities to engage with your children, with your support.


We provide parenting videos and engage with you on how to manage your children learning at home!

Did You Know

Did you know that the Prophet Muhammad encourage the children’s development through play? He used to let his grandchildren climb on top of him during sujood and let Aisyah play pretend with dolls in his presence.
Let’s enrich our children’s development through a balanced learning process with formal and informal learning.

A bit too much for you to handle?

That’s why LC@Home is here. It is not just videos, it is the help and support you need to raise your child holistically.

About LC@Home

LC@Home consists of the following:


(Engaging videos and educational material through our e-learning platform)


(Parents teacher meeting, open day, ihtifal and many more virtual events and workshops)

E- Assignments

(Worksheets, Art and craft, Science experiments and Projects)

Little Caliphs used a blend of online and offline lessons to ensure
that both you and your child will enjoy learning at your own time