‘Jom Pandaikan Anak Anda di Little Caliphs®’ Campaign via Little Caliphs® Mega Open Day 2024

Little Caliphs® International Sdn Bhd (LCISB) has been leading the field of early childhood education for 20 years and is still committed to generating holistic pre-school children through The Little Caliphs® Program (TLCP) module. Little Caliphs® remains relevant because it continues to invest in research and development in step with the growth of pre-school children, particularly in this digital age.

Under the tagline 'Ingat Tadika, Ingat Little Caliphs!', Little Caliphs® will be organising a Little Caliphs® Mega Open Day 2024 in cooperation with the ‘Jom Pandaikan Anak Anda di Little Caliphs’. On 28th October, Saturday over 500 Little Caliphs® Kindergarten branches across Malaysia and Indonesia will be celebrating the Mega Open Day at the same day.

"This campaign is our effort to achieve high enrolment in each of our kindergartens in Malaysia and Indonesia for the school year. Parents can ask question Little Caliphs® Kindergarten operators directly about the TLCP programme on this Mega Open Day, in addition to touring the kindergarten and viewing the children's learning environment”, stated by Dr Sabariah Faridah, Founder and the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of LCISB.

“Don't forget to enrol your children at Little Caliphs® for their success in this world and the hereafter, InsyaAllah!” she added.

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