Little Caliphs Jalan Kent 2,
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Tadika Khalifah Perwira


Tadika Khalifah Perwira was established since Apr 2017. Its our commitment to give wonderful learning experiences to our kids. We believe Parents was the first teacher, teacher at school as second teacher and environment at school as third teachers. Therefore beside dedicated teachers we also provide conducive environment for children to learns.

As prophets Muhammad says we must educate our children during playing, we practices Play Based Learning. We looking forward to implemented 21st Learning Approach and start implemented as much as we can during learning session. As islamic Kindergarten beside Hafazan, Solat we teach Islamic as a Practicle Life and cross the curriculum. Coming Soon our Splash program and archery program for the extended program.

See your children soon please contact 016-454 4792 for booking your child’s seat.


Outdoor Playground, Indoor wall climbing, House Corner, Sand Play


Not Provided


Full day – 2 Sessions

Person in Charge

Teacher Siti Hajjar Mohamad Nor


LC KL Jalan Kent

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No. 5, Jalan Kent 1, Off Jalan Semarak, 54000 Kuala Lumpur

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