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Tadika Khalifah Cerdik


Tadika Khalifah Cerdik was established since 2012. Since kindergarten is a child’s first experience with formal education, our centre is well-planned learning centre where children can pursue learning through activities and playing. Children may learn and develop many skills in many areas, increase confident and build healthy relationship.

Our centre is located at a semi detached house surrounded with many facilities. The centre is fully air-conditioned with spacious classrooms, playground, multipurpose hall and dining hall.

We have quality teachers, good security system for children safety, good atmosphere and also range of daily different activities carried out in both small and large groups. To equip children with effective learning and meaningful foundation of Islam. Tadika Khalifah Cerdik offers reciting Al-Quran, archery, swimming and taekwondo classes to the children.

Register your children now at our kindergarten. For more information, please contact us at 013-906 3220.


Outdoor playground, reading corner




Full Day – 2 Sessions

Person in Charge

Teacher Noorhaniza Bt Abdullah


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Lot 1960, Kg Baru Kerteh, 24300 Kerteh, Kemaman, Terengganu

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