The subjects offered under The Little Caliphs Program meet the requirement of Pre-school curriculum published by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, and more.

The above subjects are delivered through the following integrated modules:

  • Integrated Module 1: Islam in Practical Life
  • Integrated Module 2: Islamic Studies
  • Integrated Module 3: Little Qari – Iqra’
  • Integrated Module 4: Little Qari – Hafazan
  • Integrated Module 5: Little Caliphs Scientist
  • Integrated Module 6: LittleCaliphs Builder
  • Integrated Module 7: Physical Development
  • Integrated Module 8: Numeracy Strategy
  • Integrated Module 9: Fast Track Literacy Reading (BM & English)
  • Integrated Module 10: Fast Track Literacy Writing
  • Integrated Module 11: Art & Craft
  • Integrated Module 12: Thematic Vocabulary
  • Integrated Module 13: Islamic Leadership for Children


Islamic Studies Module

Teaching Islam is the most fulfilling element of teaching and learning. TLCP teaches Islam through Integrated Cross Curricular and Hands-on Teaching Approach.
Our components for this program are:

Individualized technique to teach early Quranic Reading
Hafazan using Huffaz System
Integrated Islam in;

  • Practical life (Solat, dua, zikr, akhlaq and Aqidah)
  • Science (Adab)
  • Vocabulary (Adab, fiqh)
  • Mathematics (Tasawwur)
  • Seerah (History and Geography)
  • Art and Craft
  • Active Learning (Islamic Songs)

We strongly believe that early learning exposure of Islam in children will leave a long lasting impact in their life towards realizing and accepting that Allah is their Lord and Sustainer, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is their teacher and role model and Islam is the way of life.

We hope for a great thawab for teaching Islam to children in their early learning years.