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I would like to share a beautiful article on how we can teach our kids about Islam. It is not the mere responsibility of teachers, ustaz or ustazah but it will questioned by Allah swt to every parent on the day of judgement.

Did you read your child the Quran?
Did you teach him how to solat?
Did you familiarize him with the names of Allah?
Did you guide him with the Islam way of life?
Do we dare answer truthfully to these questions?
Islam is a way of life. Allah swt has made it simple, unique and easy to follow in every aspect of living. But when dealing with children who are very limited in understanding certain depths, we can find creative ways or learned ways of the scholars or our Prophet saw to approach these tender, pure hearts.
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From this link, I would love to highlight,
1. The most effective way to teach anything to anybody is to be a role model. This is why Allah sent human beings as prophets to all people.
2. Negative comments and treatment result in negative attributes in our children, and positive comments and treatment result in positive results.
3. One of the most important aspects of raising your children to be Muslims is to introduce the idea that Allah is also happy with their good actions.
4. This mercy of Allah should guide us as we guide our children. It is not necessary to make the child fearful of Allah or fearful of going to hell.
5. When you are talking to children under the age of twelve, stress the characteristics of Allah that will give him security and assurances as he grows and encounters fearful situations and the unknown.
6. Too often when parents think about talking to their children about Islam, they concentrate on the ritual of the five pillars. But don’t forget that Islam is a total way of life, and every aspect has an Islamic element that you need to talk about and demonstrate for your child.
7. As our children reach adolescence, they begin to question what they have been taught, especially if most of the youth they associate with are non-Muslims, or non-practicing Muslims.
8. While teaching and talking to our children about Islam, we need to be aware of certain hidden issues.
9. If we as parents pick and choose which aspect of Islam to apply and which to omit from our own lives, we can hardly expect our children to live purely Islamic lives.
Read on more to gain such beneficial knowledge.
Jazakumullah khair and may we all be rewarded for spreading Islam.

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