Dear parents,
I’m at Kedah carnival.
What’s interesting is that a parent who is so committed in making sure that his child, Ariq Aqil Najmi has a proper and comfortable place (which include table, chair and fan too!!) for him to colour. So inspiring, mashaAllah.
According to Ariq’s father, Ariq has won many colouring competition in Kedah.
He even sends Ariq to art class, swimming, taeqwando and piano class.
Ariq is 6 years old and is currently going to Little Caliphs in Alor Star.
So parents, your child has good potential too. Let’s find out and let’s work on it. We shouldn’t depend fully on the school to actualize your child’s potential. It’s a good partnership between school and home.
Can’t wait for more competition to come in the evening. I’ll keep you updated ya.

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