Assalamualaikum dear parents,

Today, I would like to share with you some ways to train and encourage children to fast in the month of ramadhan.

1.Before the month of Ramadhan

Prepare and mind set your children for the upcoming fasting month of Ramadhan. Always talk to them that a great month is approaching and what Muslims must do during this month. Encourage discussions, questions and answers about the do’s and don’ts while fasting and always tell them the benefits of Ramadhan as stated in the Quran and hadith. When you have succeeded in getting their interest ask them “So, who will fast in this month of Ramadhan?” Parents and children should feel excited in answering this question. Tell them also some funny stories on how you started training for Ramadhan or how the older siblings started theirs. This will encourage the younger ones to follow their siblings’ footsteps.

  1. During the fasting month of Ramadhan.

During iftar.

Prepare your children’s favourite meal and bring them to shops to but their favourite dishes. This is to make them happy and to encourage them. Do remind them though not to overspend, for Allah does not like it if food goes to waste. During iftar, eat together and congratulate each other for the days worth.

During sahur

Before going to bed, remind each other to wake each other up, set the alarm and make dua so that we are able to wake up for sahur. Wake them up gently for sahur and keep an eye on the children, for they are more sleepy than hungry at this time.

While fasting

Be aware not to let the younger siblings not to eat or drink in front of their older siblings who are fasting. And if your young children have started to whine and groan and looking very tired, give them your attention, entertain them, divert their attention to some games or light indoor recreation or bring them outside for a walk. The small children who succeeded to fast the whole day should be hugged, kissed, praised and rewarded and tell them the good news of Allah’s rewards that awaits them.

  1. After Ramadhan

It is suggested that we buy presents for those children who completes their training in the month of Ramadhan. Explain to them what the presents a re for and if they are happy to receive these presents in this world, Allah (swt) will give them anything they want in the hereafter. Also discuss with them how they feel and do they understand the values that parents are trying to instill in them during this training.

In conclusion from what has been mentioned above is that responsibility of faith education is important and serious as it is the source of all virtues. It is the main basis for entering a child into the domain of faith and Islam.

So parents should always refrain from seizing any chance of providing their children with training and guidance that consolidate belief and straightens faith.

Lastly teach your children as the Prophet (pbuh) said to Ibn Abbas:

“O young man, I shall teach you some words….”

“……Learn also that victory comes through endurance and relief comes with distress and that with hardship comes affluence.”


Until then, Wabillahitaufiq walhidayah.

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