Assalamualaikum dearest parents. Hope you are in the best state of health and iman. Allow me in this post to give you some practical ideas on how to create as Islamic environment in your home.

  1. Have a library of Islamic books in your house.

To in-calculate knowledge in a home, a mini library should be set up. I have a friend who has a big mini library in her house. It is very organized and full of books, magazines, cassettes, videos and articles. If you have a collection of books, cassettes and magazines, organize them , arrange them properly and make sure they are easily accessible to the members of your family.

  1. Developing your children’s interest in Islamic knowledge

To develop your children’s love and interest in Islamic knowledge, here are a few suggestions that you can do:

  1. Bring them to an Islamic book fair and exhibits
  2. Take time to discuss and explain to your children on current issues concerning Islam and how Islam solves problems pertaining to these issues.
  3. Expose them to Islamic videos, cassettes and multimedia. Send them to Islamic camps and other interesting activities that are based on Islamic values.
  4. Take then on trips and during the journey, tell them of the Greatness of Allah Who creates the world and universe. Encourage them to think of life, death and life after death.
  1. Prepare a special solat area in your house 

This special area should be allocated far away from the voices of radio and television so that it doesn’t disturb anybody performing prayer or reading the Quran. Put Islamic posters and calligraphy in this room and at the corner of the room put a small rack of Islamic books and Quran for easy reading.

  1. Pray together in congregation

Parents should consistently show good example to their children and one way is to pray together in congregation. Congregational prayers keep Muslims’hearts together and it is a symbol of unity. Make time for this important practice at least during Maghrib and Isya’. If the father goes to the mosque, then the mother should lead the prayer.

  1. Read Quran everyday

Discipline your children to read the Quran everyday. Usually it is done after Maghrib prayers. Teach your children to love reading the Quran and if you have a translated version, read to them the meaning of one or two verses from the Quran. Tell them that in the Quran there are reminders, dua, things that Allah ask us to do and what we are not suppose to do, stories and warnings, good news for the pious people and bad tidings fro those who do not obey Allah swt.

  1. A hadith a day keeps the syaitan away

After reading the Quran, gather your family together and read a short hadith with its explanation to your family. It takes less then five minutes but the reward is abundance. Rasulullah s.a.w said:

Teach your children three things: Love thy Prophet, love they family and read the Quran…

When your children have understood that Islam is the way of life, inform them that knowing the facts alone is not enough, we must practice the teachings of Islam that are being taught to us. Tell them that everything that they do is their life is íbadah’and will be rewarded. Good deeds are considered as ibadah if it abides these two rules:

  1. The intention must be for the sake of Allah only
  2. The deeds must conform to the syariah or rules of Islam.

Parents should be committed to educating their children Islamic habits and values. The ideas I shared with you are very practical. If you are already practicing it at home, Alhamdulillah, keep up the good work. If you haven’t its never late to start.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah, I hope you who are reading this is in the best of health and iman.
It often touches me deeply when I receive good feedback, reviews and pleasant results by parents and teachers alike about the effectiveness of the Fast Reading Technique on their children. It seems as if Allah is showing me how far my dream is going in helping more and more little children read as early as 4 years of age. As for parents who have encountered certain problems, i believe there is an answer to it, insyallah. So please do contact a consultant or Little Caliphs branch nearest to you so that we may resolve your troubles, by Allah's willing.
I would like to casually share some feedback and pictures i received over travelling during the on-going Fast Reading Technique Seminar nationwide. Jazakumullah khair for all your support 😀
In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on this blog. Allah ma'ak.







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