Sometimes we think we know enough, we know it all. Sometimes we may think there is nothing left to learn. But with our increasing age, do we truly know the simple fundamentals of Islam? Watch this video below and image if the malaikah came down in front of you and asked these simple questions… will you have the answers? If your child had asked you these questions, could you answer him or her? If your life depended upon you answering these questions correctly, will you survive?

Truly, this video sends out a powerful message to us all. If this didn’t move your hearts or bring tears to your eyes… I’m not sure what will.

Let’s reflect back on what we can do better, what we can improve for tomorrow… all for the sake of our children.

The future of Islam begins with the Youth. A child who is brought up with strong knowledge of what makes him a Muslim, what pillars is he holding strong onto as his guide and who his true role model is will insyallah, be a good Muslim throughout his life and continue a legacy of Muslims we can all be proud of.

In this day and age, the knowledge of Islam is literally at your fingertips.

What are you doing about it?

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