Assalamualaikum lovely readers,

May you all have had a fruitful weekend insyallah. Today I'd like to share this cute educational video titled 'Animals Love Quran' with wonderful nasheed you can play to your children while teaching them about the different kinds of animals. It is sang by Dawud Warnsby Ali. He also has many other wonderful nasheed you can benefit from. Have fun listening! ūüėÄ

On the other hand, here are some books for your children to read which is written by yours truly, alhamdulillah. 'Little Maryam' and 'Princess Solehah teaches children about their daily sunnah and good examples of what to do when faced with daily challenges. It can be found at a Little Caliphs kindergarten near you, as well as 'Raising Young Caliphs, a Guide to Raising Muslim Children' which every parent should read and may Allah grant us all hidayah in guiding and raising this amanah righteously.

                                                                   Little Maryam

                                                               Princess Solehah

                                                          Raising Young Caliphs

These books can also be found at the Fast Reading Technique seminar we usually conduct over the weekends around Malaysia. Do check the schedule we are going to update insyallah so that you may catch one of the last few slots left for this year! Don't miss out!

Jazakumullah khair, wassalam.

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