Assalamualaikum reader,

Many parents will agree that reading is one of the most important skills that will take you through life. And loving to read will take one into greater heights in life. However, how much effort do we put into cultivating this love into our children?

Here are a few tips on how your children can fondly be acquainted with books.
1) During birthdays or special days when a gift is deserved, gift them a book instead of toys.
2) Create a reading corner in your home so your child can get cozy in it.
3) Read them a bedtime story.
4) During outings to malls and such, take them to bookstores to pick something for themselves or for free reading.
5) Make visiting a public library a family activity and create fond memories together.
6) Encourage your child to enjoy telling stories of books they have read.
7) Leave books lying around in your car, rooms and places easily accessible to them. It will be the first thing they reach for when bored or idle.
8) When a new action movie they might love is coming out in cinemas, have them read the book first before it is premiered.
9) Be a reader yourself and share whatever you read with them.
10) Create a home book club and the one who reads the most books get a special treat.
11) Have them read the Quran and a simple translation of the surahs.
And the list goes on and on…get creative parents! Insyallah you child will benefit tremendously.

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