Assalamualaikum wbt dear readers.

CREATIVITY... What can we say about it? Well to me, it is a form of self expression, it is a skill of making your own choices, it is the ability to create, as well as a new way of thinking and problem solving.

For children, creativity is important as it helps them develop their individuality and emotions. More importantly for them, the process itself is more important that the finish product.

As parents, here are some ways we can encourage our child's creativity:
1) Give space for your child to express. Listen to their stories and explanation about something attentively without guessing or interrupting.
2) If they make a mess while playing, drawing, painting or making something, it's okay. Try not to make them feel uncomfortable about it. It is part of the creative process and they shall improve with time.
3) Give assistance and little directions but try not to interfere with their activity.
4) Give them frequent opportunities, materials, time and exploration of creative materials.
5) Creative play - let them find new ways to play with something usual to them. Find toys or materials that don't spell out everything for your child. Leave something to their imagination.

These tips are simple, but they go a long way and we often easily let it slip. Insyallah, if our niat is to explore creativity with our children, Allah swt will give us an inspiration to be creative ourselves.

This is an example of very creative parents applying our Fast Reading Technique at home. Yes, parents too can be even more creative than teachers. Masyallah. Shall we call this...the umbrella technique? Haha ;D

Till we meet again, wassalam.

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