How’s Ramadhan with you and your child? Are you finding it difficult to train your child in Ramadhan? A few tips I can share with you are as follows:

  1. Do not force them…. the word is training. But training you must. You can train them fasting for half the day or just drinking, no food. Inshaallah lets target by the 20th Ramadhan at least they can fast for a few days. Or encourage them to fast two days a week. If they can do that willingly….Mashaa Allah let’s celebrate!
  1. Give them activities to do. If your child is in daycare then ensure that the school has many activities for our kids to do to divert their mind from food! If they are at home with you then create activities like storytelling and art and craft so that they will have something to do. A word of caution, not too much tab or tv please!
  1.  Keep talking about the rewards that Allah will give in Ramadhan if we fast. Relate to Allah’s reward and pleasure so that we can train them to fast to please Allah. Allah loves good khalifah who fast. If Allah is happy we will enter Jannah…in Jannah we can eat as many things as we like. If Allah is happy we will live a happy life.
  1. Remind them of all the children who do not have food in this world. Show them a few pictures of children who are malnourished so that they can think and have sympathy and empathy for these unfortunate children. Teach them to also give sadaqah and make doa for these children because they are also our brothers and sisters.


Inshaa Allah may these few tips can help us all to train our children towards becoming a good khalifah of Allah.

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