Assalamu’alaikum dear parents,

A healthy family raises a happy, healthy child. Therefore, it is utmost important especially during Ramadhan to take care of our health and watch what we consume. Doctor Adeeb Rizvi Head of “S.I.U.T” Civil Hospital Karachi, who is a leading kidney specialist has appealed to everyone not to drink cold drinks such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, 7UP, Dew etc at Iftar (fast-breaking) time.

A long day of fasting causes dehydration of the kidneys. Having cold & fizzy drinks suddenly causes the kidneys to fail. So don’t drink any cold drinks specially at Iftar. Use fresh water and fresh juices instead. Children consume what is easily available and given to them so be good examples in making better choices during our daily meals. Insyallah instilling this healthy habit from young helps them to be healthy adults in the future.

I hope you and your family will benefit from this. Please enlighten your other family members, friends and loved ones as Sadqa-e-Jariya (charity with continuous reward).

Jazakumullah khair, wassalam.

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