One of the teaching methods we practice at Little Caliphs is the Fast Reading Technique. However, fast reading technique doesn't mean reading with speed, but the ability to read as early as 4 years of age. We want all our children to be able to benefit from this gift Allah swt has given us. Alhamdulillah over the weekend, we managed to share this knowledge with a passionate group of parents and train them how to teach their children at home too. Hopefully with a deeper understanding on how their children learn and develop in reading, parents will be able to boost their children's potential even further. Conducted at Unisel Shah Alam, about 700 parents filled the hall masyallah and the respond was very endearing as well. All praises to Allah.

Among the feedback we received from Little Caliphs' parents and teachers include:

"Tahniah kepada LC team yang berjaya mengendalikan fast reading technique semalam. Penyampaian maklumat yang sangat bermanfaat alhamdulillah, suka sangat bila dah mencuba kepada Ahmad 5 minit sebelum menghantar dia ke LC. Jazakumullah khairan."
- Ahmad Fitri Al-Ami

"Alhamdulillah balik semalam semangat nak try method yang teachers ajar...Humaira enjoyed the reading techniques and buat dengan semangat."
- Nur Humaira Zahirah

"Saya ada parents yang anak dah habis reading, dah datang last year and masih nak datang this year, alhamdulillah. Kak Fari you are awesome just the way you are spontaneous and full of knowledge and tarbiyyah. Jazakillahu khairan khatsira, love you always. To all the team members, you are such a wonderful team, thank you so much for all the great effort, moga ukhuwah kita berpanjangan, ameen insyaAllah."
-LC teacher

Come join us in our next session of Reading Technique Training held all around Malaysia so that many more children may benefit from it, insyAllah.

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