Make reading fun for your children!

Assalamualaikum dear parents,

What are the most common problems we face with our children when it comes to reading? You might hear them saying…
“Ummi, I don’t know how to sound out these words.” OR
“I know my letters and sounds, but I just can’t read words on a page, ayah.”
You may also notice that his reading is very slow because he spends so much time figuring out words or that she is unable to understand much about what she is reading because she is focused on trying to sound out the words.
Well, this is where phonics comes in.

Phonics helps our children learn the letter-sound relationships. Meaning, when they look at a certain word, they are able to associate each letter of that word to its sound, hence, a sound comes our from their mouth, and wallah! Your child is now pronouncing the word.

Phonics also helps them to correctly pronounce written words. There are many ways one can intemperate how a word sounds but with phonics, those words are easily recognised and pronounced accurately.
From my experience, this will easily help a child win a spelling bee competition!
With that, we can definitely say that phonics gives children the ability to recognize familiar words quickly and to figure out words they haven’t seen before. And that makes your child a reader!

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