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10 February 2024

Little Caliphs® Creative Calendar: Celebrating Malaysian Young Artists

Welcome to Little Caliphs® Creative Calendar, where we celebrate the vibrant imagination and artistic talent of Malaysian children. Each month, our desktop calendar features a unique drawing or coloring artwork created by the young students of Little Caliphs® centers across Malaysia. These artworks are not just beautiful expressions of creativity but also reflections of the joy, curiosity, and diversity within our Little Caliphs® community.

As you explore the calendar, you'll witness a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and stories brought to life by the hands and hearts of our budding artists. Behind every stroke of crayon or brush lies a world of wonder and discovery, where imagination knows no bounds. We applaud the dedication and enthusiasm of our Little Caliphs® students for pouring their creativity onto paper and sharing it with all of us.

As you scan the barcode accompanying each artwork, it will lead you to this special landing page, where you can delve deeper into the stories behind the creations.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable talents and boundless imagination of our Little Caliphs® students. Let their artwork ignite your imagination and remind us all of the beauty that lies in embracing our inner child.


Artist Name: Athif
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs®
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: New Year
Perspective: Children may depict joyful scenes of popup, celebrations, and gatherings with family and friends, symbolizing hope, new beginnings, and exciting adventures for the year ahead.


Artist Name: Siti Aisyah Humairah Azmi
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs® Larkin
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Isra Mi'raj
Perspective: Through the eyes of children, this theme may represent the mystical journey of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), featuring celestial landscapes, angels, and the iconic Buraq, inspiring awe and wonder.


Artist Name: Iman Nur Sumayyah
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs®
Age: 5 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Back To School
Perspective: Children might portray scenes of school buses, classrooms, and friends reuniting, capturing the anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a hint of nervousness that comes with the start of a new academic year.


Artist Name: Munawwarah Norzamzam
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs® Prima Saujana
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Aidilfitri
Perspective: Kids may illustrate vibrant scenes of Eid festivities, showcasing colorful traditional attire, delicious feasts, joyful gatherings with family, and the spirit of forgiveness and togetherness that defines this auspicious occasion.


Artist Name: Ameena
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs®
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Teachers Day
Perspective: This theme may showcase children expressing gratitude and admiration for their teachers, depicting heartwarming moments of appreciation, handmade cards, flowers, and acts of kindness to celebrate the guiding lights in their lives.


Artist Name: Muhammad Thaqif
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs® Prestij Bandar Putri Klang
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Kaabah / Aidil Adha
Perspective: Children may depict scenes of sacrifice, generosity, and community spirit, showcasing families coming together to perform the ritual of Qurbani, sharing meat with those in need, and fostering a sense of empathy and compassion.


Artist Name: Sophie Eryna Yau
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs® 
Age: 4 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Kidzori-Save Palestine
Perspective: Through the lens of compassion and solidarity, children may depict scenes of support and hope for the people of Palestine, illustrating messages of peace, unity, and resilience in the face of adversity.


Artist Name: Cahya Rania Zahrah
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs© Prestij Bukit Tinggi
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Independence Day
Perspective: Kids may showcase patriotic pride and national unity, depicting scenes of flag-raising ceremonies, cultural performances, and historical landmarks, celebrating the spirit of freedom and independence in their homeland.


Artist Name: Maryam Sofea
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs© Excellence Centre
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Rumah Ku, Syurga Ku
Perspective: This theme may evoke feelings of warmth, love, and security, with children illustrating cozy home environments, happy family moments, and cherished memories that make their houses feel like paradise.


Artist Name: Ilham Fauzan
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs© Excellence Centre
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Fruits
Perspective: Children might explore the colorful world of fruits, depicting juicy apples, succulent oranges, and a variety of tropical delights, celebrating nature's bounty and the joy of healthy eating.


Artist Name: Hafsa Ilham
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs© Bandar Bukit Raja
Age: 6 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Friends
Perspective: This theme may celebrate the beauty of friendship, with children depicting scenes of laughter, playfulness, and camaraderie among friends, highlighting the importance of companionship and mutual support in their lives.


Artist Name: Wan Nursumayyah
Kindy Name: Little Caliphs© Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Age: 4 Years Old

Drawing Theme: Watermelon Palestine
Perspective: In a creative twist, children may use the symbolism of watermelon to convey messages of solidarity and support for Palestine, showcasing scenes of resilience, hope, and the sweetness of unity in the face of challenges.

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