Children are naturally inclined to love. It is in their fitrah to wanting love and attention. And it is in their fitrah to believe in Allah swt as the creator of their beautiful world. As the child is growing  towards the age of rationality, parents should guide them in learning what is self control and the right and wrong ways of showing their feelings such as anger and jealousy. Till then, the child is not held accountable for his deeds.

Use words that create delight in the child’s heart such as,

“Aiman, Allah loves those who share their toys with friends. Now let’s play together with brother Haziq”

“Masyallah, such a clever girl you are Aisha. Can you show mummy how clever girls clean up their toys?”

“Zara, did you like the toy Abah bought you yesterday? If you want more beautiful gifts from Allah, you must eat all your vegetables. Allah loves us to be healthy.”

As said by Rasulullah saw,

”The pen is lifted from three people (i.e. their deeds are not recorded): The child until he reaches puberty, the person who is insane until he comes to his senses and the person who is asleep until he wakes up.’’ (Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

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